SGD Cartopology

  Cartopology Copyright: © Marlies Vermeulen

Special areas of design and presentation: 3 Credits

Cartopology (from khartēs, "papyrus, sheet of paper, map"; from ánthrōpos, “man, mankind, human, humanity” + -logy) is the study and practice of making anthropological maps. Combining cartography and anthropology within a artistic research practice it builds on the premise that hidden knowledge of a place can be discovered, transferred and modelled into space and time on maps effectively.


This educational program is not about designing or creating buildings and interiors. You have been trained to do so. Let’s change subject for once. You have been drawing those designs on different scales and with great devotion. The last couple of years, it took you countless hours to learn skills in order to draw a good plan and section. In the best case you were sitting behind a drawing table but most likely you were learning the architectural language of drawing behind your laptop or computer. In this studio we will get some air as you will have to spend at least as much hours outside as inside a building. It might have crossed your mind earlier, but why do we draw each city, street and house, ... in the same way, even if we claim that every design is different and every surrounding and context is unique? Of course we know why! Because everyone should ‘understand’ the drawing and start constructing what’s on that plan! Yes, true, but shouldn’t we learn to make other maps and plans as well? Specific to a location and time frame, capturing other than technical and physical aspects? With your personal neighborhood as a backdrop we will find out other ways of drawing, notating, documenting and understanding a place and reveal its biggest secrets.

Marlies Vermeulen

Dates & place

12/04/2018, 16:15. - 17:45: Introduction “Cartopology” + Assignment: Redraw a map. 90 minutes
07/06/2018, 16:15 – 18:45 : Lecture Carolin Stapenhorst + Assignment: Choose and present a profession that ‘observes’ + feedback on personal mappings.
14/06/2018, 16:15 – 18:45: Assignment: Be on site for min. 4 hours + feedback on personal mappings.
21/06/2018, 16:15 – 18:45: Feedback on personal mappings.
05/07/2018, time frame tba: Museum visit + feedback on personal mappings.
12/07/2018, 16:15 – 18:45: Feedback on personal mappings.
19/07/2018, 16:15 – 18:45: Feedback on personal mappings.

26/07/2018, 16:15 – 18:45: End review. 2,5h

The course takes place in room 1420|303 (Z2), Wüllnerstraße 9 (Audimax).