M1 "Textile Architekturen"

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M1: 12 credits

+ Supplementary seminar M.Sc.: 3 credits

In cooperation with the Department of Architectural Theory, Prof. Axel Sowa

The focus of the one-semester master project is the relationship between textile art and architecture. Based on flexible substances and their processing in the form of braids and fabrics, we will re-measure the creative possibilities of textile architecture. The world of textile manufacturing is particularly dependent on the dexterity, precision and wealth of experience of craftsmen, whose knowledge and skills form the basis for theories on textile form finding. Part of our historical-critical examination of the design and production of textile architecture is a series of workshops and structural experiments with which we test our hypotheses and designs. As part of the excursion week, we will be guests at the artists' houses in Worpswede and visit the weaving mill in the Haus im Schluh, in whose studios textile production has been practiced as an artistic practice for more than a hundred years.


09.04.2019 Presentation M1 / Presentation of exercise 1 "Matrix/Tessuti", R137 ,10 Uhr

16.04.2019 Presentation and introduction to the exercise "Glossary"

23.04.2019 Delivery of exercise 1 "Matrix/Tessuti" / Presentation of exercise 2 "Pattern-surface-space", R137, 10 a.m.

30.04.2019 Supervision exercise 2, in the chairs AT / WK

11.05.2019 Table review within the JAA19, R221 Reiff Showroom/Workroom 2.OG, 10 a.m.

17.05.2019 Visit of the textile museum in Krefeld, guided tour 11 a.m.

21.05.2019 Delivery exercise 2 "Pattern-Surface-Room", R137 ,10 Uhr

28.05.2019 Logistics & experimental setup for Worpswede, R137, 10 a.m.

04.06.2019 Supervision "Glossary", in the chairs AT / WK

10.-14.06.2019 Intensive week in Worpswede

18.06.2019 presentation design task, R137, 10 a.m.

25.06.2019 Supervision design task, in the chairs AT / WK, 10-14

02.07.2019 Supervision design task, in the chairs AT / WK, 10-14

16.07.2019 Submission design task & rough draft glossary, R137, 10 am

03.09.2019 Submission final version "Glossary"