Stepping Stones // Routine Drawings

poster with drawing Copyright: © Tool-Culture


Dear Hunter practices the art of Hunting: the practice of maintaining an urban tri-formed balance, an ideal state of being within a constant flux of shifting centers of gravity and importance. It’s about fulfilling the role of the hunter within the habitat of the hunted, about overseeing the delicate and ever-changing balance between space, actor and intruder and the ability to negotiate in order to deliberately (im)balance the system. One of our ‘hunting techniques’ is observation through walking:

"Walking is the act of touching upon the intertwining undulation of the landscape, the city and society.” _Raoul Bunschoten/Chora, Urban Flotsam.

During our stay in Aachen we walked. With students. In order to experience their habits and movements and to understand their behavior, routines and perception of the city. Additional to this research we would like you to experience your routines more intensively, more consciously and from much closer.

We will walk and draw, reflect and discuss. And have a good time of course.


The workshop will take place on the 18th of June in the afternoon till the 19th of June in the evening.Place: Good weather: Republikplatz, Aachen. Bad weather: at the Faculty of Architecture - TO BE SPECIFIED