4th Science Day 2015

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The 4th Science Day, that took place at the "Recycling Mies Pavillion" on June 25th, was particularly oriented towards those interested in doctoral studies, students, and doctoral candidates in architecture and urban and landscape planning. Speakers selected through an international call presented their research ideas within one subject area, which were discussed by the audience and with invited experts.

The broad spectrum of the Science Day, which includes three different subject areas that were equally discussed and compared, contributes to the ability to examine the diversity of research content and methods in architecture, urban and landscape planning and use these.

The Science Day "Designing Research" was a collaborative effort of the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Architecture, initiated by Dr. Linda Hildebrand, junior professor of reuse in architecture; Dr.-Ing. Carola Neugebauer, junior professor of cultural heritage; and Dipl.-Ing. Carolin Stapenhorst Ph.D., junior professor of tool-culture.



9 – 9:30am Welcome Address, Alexander Markschies, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture

Project presentation of the Pavilion Bernadette Heiermann
Welcome Address and Introduction to the 4th Science Day
Linda Hildebrand, Carola Neugebauer, Carolin Stapenhorst

9:30 – 10:15am Reception of the Speakers / Introduction of the Topics

Presentation: Tillmann Klein (TU Delft, TU München)/
Introduction Reuse in Architecture: Linda Hildebrand

Presentation: Markus Appenzeller (MLA+ Architecture, Planning and Consultancy)/
Introduction Cultural Heritage: Carola Neugebauer

Presentation: Susanna Pisciella (IUAV Venedig, HafenCity Universität Hamburg)/
Introduction Tool-Culture: Carolin Stapenhorst

10:15 – 11:50am "Recycling-oriented construction“

Moderation: Peter Russell
External Expert: Tillmann Klein
Brief introduction of the discussants: Linda Hildebrand

Embodied Energy Driven Design. Construct to deconstruct
Rebecca Bach, Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur

Energy-active facade element from mineralized foam and micro-reinforced ultra-high-perfomence Concrete
Andreas Maier, TU Darmstadt

Energetic effects of comfort and hygieneoriented Redevelopment
David Bewersdorff, TU Darmstadt

1150am.50 – 12:15pm Center of Doctoral Studies RWTH

Information about the Center for Doctoral studies at the RWTH

12:15 – 1pm Lunch Break "Picnic"

1 – 3pm "Heritage-led development in European cities"

Moderation: Wim van den Bergh
External Expert: Markus Appenzeller
Brief introduction of the discussants: Carola Neugebauer

Die Neu-Bewertung von Stadtstrukturen in städtebaulichen Erneuerungsprozessen
Daniela Zupan, Universität Stuttgart

No money but ideas: Zwischennutzungen als kulturelles Erbe und zu bewahrender Bestandteil bei der Entwicklung von Stadt!? Ein Blick nach Zürich West gibt erste Antworten...
Fee Thissen, RWTH Aachen

Memorial architecture in former Yugoslavia – Conflict field of ex regime ideals and present government bias
Edita Music, Master of Architecture, Universität Sarajevo

3 – 3:30pm Coffee Break

3:30 – 6pm "Researching Design – Forms of Scientificity in the Design Process"

Moderation: Wim van den Bergh
External Expert: Susanna Pisciella
Brief introduction of the discussants: Carolin Stapenhorst

Urban Impulse. Impulse architecture for Berlin
Patrick Loewenberg, TU Berlin

A gaze into the studio: academic research in architectural design classes
Anna Flach, ETH Zürich

Architectural Design as Implementation- and Mentality Test
Sebastiaan Gerards, Universiteit Hasselt

Artistic Drawing As Scientific Research Method?
Lina Tegtmeyer, FU Berlin

6 – 6:15pm Perspectives

Linda Hildebrand, Carola Neugebauer, Carolin Stapenhorst

6:15pm Barbeque and Film

"Mies 1:1 Das Golfclub Projekt“
Bernadette Heiermann


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