Eduard Imhoff and Brücke Jürg Conzett Copyright: © Tool-Culture

"knowledge transfer“ Research Field

“The architectural project has to deal with these strange things, these projects which contain at the same time the research of coastal formations, geography, atmospheric studies etc., ... it is a fantastic thing!"

(Edoardo Benvenuto 1999)

The junior professorship researches the forms and potentials of knowledge transfer occurring between architecture and other fields of knowledge. There is special interest in how information from non-architectonical disciplines is consulted and elaborated within the architectonical design process. In this context the following questions will be considered:

  • Can the inclusion of content from non-architectural knowledge fields augment the innovation potential and the quality of the architectural design?
  • How do architects detect information in non-architectonical knowledge fields; which filters or selective proceedings do they apply?
  • With which tools and techniques architects are organizing and visualizing extra-disciplinary information in order to render them relevant for the architectonical design process?