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Courses in wintersemester 2017 I 2018

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Master's thesis supervision

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thejunior professorship "Werkzeugkulturen“ supervises Master's theses on various design topics.

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Student projects


The results of the seminar "Sourcebooks, Mindmaps, Grids" were many-faceted and matched the variety of individual approaches that are used for the architectonical design process. The students developed among others interactive concept maps, websites, books, furniture, file card systems,leporellos, movies.

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Research Modul „ArchitekTouren“


The "ETS"-project "ArchitekTouren", that was developed and realizedby theInstitute of Structural Concrete and the Juniorprofessurship for Tool Culture, is dealing with the difference between theterminologiesand point of views of architecture and civil engineering and...

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